Friday, 9 August 2013

The more this goes on, the more I sound like Monk

Yeah, that's a Nyx.

it's also on TQ, and it was also free
Allegedly it was due to the ship having been reimbursed and the seller wanting to sell. He claims that he was scammed the last time and wanted to use a trusted third party, but apparently an alt works too.

There isn't much to say, he claimed after we pursued the lead that he had it in a station and as time passed, we felt like the ones being scammed. He agreed to our terms of sale and gave the destination station. (As i type this, I hear in TeamSpeak ''Oh God you stole another one didn't you?)
He wanted to do a normal station trade and us put in the isk, which was quickly refuted as we can't verify the fit and he was to trade it to the buyer and the isk will follow when the Nyx is safe. Safe in the station, obviously.

This happened

SuperFleet2013 continues.
Please do not contact the poster with marketing information (also, the Nyx is in better hands and is no longer dusty and docked)


  1. if it was packaged it wouldnt have a fit anyway :S
    i dont see the problem

  2. isnt it illegal to trade supers in stations declared by ccp?