Thursday, 25 July 2013

Poetic Theft

Tonight was a fun night

it's been far too long since I've posted on here, though since I left Fweddit the blog had lost some interest. I've been out with Sniggwaffe who are (mostly) a bunch of great and somewhat competent pilots, and recently I've moved to Suddenly Spaceships, which is where this story begins.

Many of you will know me as having bought and sold ridiculous amounts of pilots on the forums like a dirty slave trader, moving up the ranks from having sieged on station and accidently podding Elendar in his LG Halo pod to having pulled of a rather poetic theft today, one that has left me extremely smug as to the simplicity of it.

It starts with the sale of a super pilot,  standard business, I made a slightly-lower than market offer on the pilot via convo, before the majority had even seen the skill sheet. It wasn't too much of a notable pilot, standard skills at V and nothing much else. The seller, a rather amicable guy who'd been trimming down accounts because he'd lost the joy in Eve. A quick look shows him as a director of an old corporation in -A- and a self confessed FC. He'd been in the corp for 8 years at this point and we had a few chats about how his previous sales had fallen through and if I'd want to purchase the hull.

The night before, a chat with someone trying to sell me a T1 Extender'd wyvern led me to the idea of relieving of the sock-eating pants on head drooling masses of their supers.
The next evening, after a small scuffle with Shadow Cartel and their Poco empire I got a convo from the enterprising -A- director asking if I wanted to buy the pilot at about the same time that a friend had logged in with his fake third party service and things where set in motion
With the owners ex-alt in motion to the location of the super and the third party to follow, I get a conversation from Mad Ani, the famous streamer (if you're reading this, I did know you did third party trades and I have full faith in you, I was faking for effect) opened a convo with me and informed that the seller agreed to pay the modest 200m isk fee to arrange for his third party services.
A minor amount of misdirection and the seller had agreed to use my third party, now en-route in a cyno frigate with ghost-riding carriers, dreads and two hic alts one jump out (just incase), had landed in the target system as local spikes by one lonely pilot.

A scan from the station shows a Hel flash on scan and disappear.

The rest was fairly straightforward as far as selling supers goes, the third party warps at range to observe (in a lovely cyno frigate) and the buyer warps in a pod to the pos or safe spot. The seller decloaks and ejects, peaces out while the buyer jumps into the ship and verifies the fit before cyno jumping out of the system and the third party releasing the isk to the seller.

It was the last step that caused the majority of the problems, and I was slightly smug as I jumped out in my new super, with the rightful pilot (no seriously, this pilot spent most of his life in that ship never having killed or been killed) and a comms channel full of disbelief of the absolute levels of special having occurred

To the Hel pilot: This wasn't personal and I thought you're a cool guy, as we're both aware this is Eve and everyone who seems overly friendly and willing to screenshot their wallet is usually a liar

To Mad Ani: Sorry for keeping you up for so long, thanks for the links and intel and well done on what you're doing, I really hope you didn't stream me pretending to be a retard.

The ship is affectionately known by the name #NoMad #FreeSupers and now belongs to a new owner, one who understands Third Parties


  1. Damn, nice job! Have a good time in CYN0.

  2. lol wtf? Making me stay up late for this. I was tired and as soon as you said don't need me I went off to sleep. I thought pfft fine. Trusted 3rd parties get these things done safely! Told him to use me.