Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Patch Notes

I found, or rather Fweddit Jabber lead me, to this lovely thread on the fourms.
I won't make you scour the entirety of the thread although comments on page one provide some prime  candidates to remove from the gene pool, if IQ ever becomes an issue.
The thread highlights a ninja-patch change that caused alts assisting pilots to not gain sec status modifications. A prime example of this is my neutral alt that used to sit in a Scorpion, and take my scan res from 800 to 5000 or so with the help of 8 sensor boosters, and did not take a hit to sec status while Bob went from a prime candidate for the Papacy to literally Hitler in about 7 minutes.

The change proposed inheriting flags for assisting, which means my alt would be my right hand man on my throne of pirate skulls, and everything would be well and good in the world of EVE. The problem, however, is that assisting another corp also inherits a flag. This isn't an issue for Bob

This isn't an issue in low-sec.

This is a massive problem in high-sec.

This means that any alliance in an alliance wide wardec, that decides to fly with their alliance mates in a fleet and haze newbs #L33tPVPYOLOSWAG style, with their new, shiny T1 logistics ships, will turn said logistics ships into floating loot pinatas for absolutely every pubbie nerd who has anything but a mining laser 1 fitted to their ship, at no criminal consequence. It also means that anyone repping a freighter that is being suicide-ROFLstomped will be a free target. That's fun!

Unless CCP Dolan has been distributing crystal meth around CCP headquarters, I can't imagine this was intended and makes me question the testing procedures. I do hope it is fixed soon.

That's a lie. Who the fuck fights in highsec anyway?

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edit2. That's a lie. Didn't want those comments anyway.

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