Sunday, 13 January 2013

Electronic C[o]unter Measures

I was reading this blog post on the Mittani, which I found pretty interesting, and came up with an idea.
It's a good idea, almost as good as the time I sieged a dread on a station in nullsec with large armor reps, before I could fit the capital ones. GG Bob.

The idea, is that while a damping ship takes out your locking ability down to a degree, and tracking disruption takes your offensive ability down to a degree, ECM should take your ships ability to do things down to a degree and not entirely. This can (and probably should) be achieved by having ECM disable modules at random on your ship, and I say at random with caution but I'll get to that in a moment.

Theory Crafty time: Instead of racial jammers, have modules that use the random number generator as ECM works now but disable a random high, mid or low slot, with a script or perhaps differing module for each. This means that a Falcon can disable one of your guns, your scram or cap booster, or one of your armor reps, which wouldn't take you out of a fight entirely but would tremendously cut your combat ability. Much the same as Tracking Disruption and Sensor Damping would do. 
To further this idea, give ships like the Falcon and Griffin a bonus to the number of slots their modules deactivate, or alternatively the effective duration. This gives ECM the same strength as the other Ewar modules but doesn't automagically take ships out of the fight.

CCP could even remove the randomness of the module activation within optimal and apply it to the actual slot it disables, meaning a griffin that's being pointed by a frigate could switch to midslot jamming, jam out the aggressing ships midslots and warp if the jams go off against a scram, while that ship, could still have killed the Griffin, if the jam went off against his prop mod. The only key is being able to adapt during combat and adjust your combat technique depending on the modules that are inactive.
It would probably be prudent to not disable passive modules because disabling something like a 1600mm plate would ruin most things.

It also means people won't feel the need to fit ships like this:

disclaimer: it's 4am, I'm tired. I'll make this understandable tomorrow.


  1. Rather than relying on RNG like the current system does, just reduce the number of lockable targets as an effect of the ECM, the jam strength/number required is exponentially higher towards the last few lockable targets meaning that it becomes almost impossible to completely stop a ship from targeting at least one or two other ships.

  2. ECM is working as intended. This is all just tears.

  3. The only ECM module I have a problem with is the Warp Disruptor. There is zero chance to counter it unless you have a module. With a target disruptor at least you have a small chance of breaking it.

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