Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bob Is back!

I've been on a bit of a blog hiatus recently. This isn't news to anyone except EVENews24 though, but it's been down to actually getting things done in game, like infiltrating a corporation with a day old alt, then linking Bob's API details when being questioned for being suspicious, as well as taking Dal from the Minmatar.

The latter may not seem like a big deal but for the Amarr Militia, it comes with a large number of implications, moral victories, and generally throwing around YOLO at every possible turn. It's really caught on, I find myself saying it out loud sometimes and then wanting to biomass IRL.
Dal is one of the main staging systems to the Minmatar, and unlike Kourmonen they actually live out of that shithole (Mini station interiors look like actual mounds of shit, next time you're in Rens and don't want to kill yourself, take a look around)
The fact that we could take it in two days of focused plexing, dumpstering and general good camraderie  is a strange concept to those alliances that view Fweddit and the Amarr as a shitty threat, and it should be noted that Fweddit still only flies shitty t1 thrashers. FlyingShitPocket I'm looking at you, buddy. That's how a plexing fleet fights.

Now on to faction warfare mechanics. When you orbit butan for long enough

The system turns Vulnerable, which means you then scramble to a shitfit tier 3 battle cruiser (Oracle, because role play) and shoot the hell out of the iHub for ages, and much to my dismay it's not an all in one charging dock for your Apple products.
The downside of this is that unless you've got people watching the iHub constantly, there is very little chance to form up a defensive fleet of any description, which isn't always such a problem when the enemy FC lands at 0 to your armor BS fleet and does nothing about it

But what it does mean is that both sides cannot move capitals. It also means that there's no chance to get morale up or actually think tactically and pings for 'Da Biggest shit you gotz yo. #SWAG#YOLO @xXxL33tSn1p4rr' start flying around, resulting in someone insisting to bring two insured archons with literally no support at all, and cramming a cyno onto anything possible to make it happy. It would be amazing if, like POS and nullsec ihubs worked as a timer and you could have at least 24 hours to form up a defensive fleet.
What it's starting to mean is that you can win at faction warfare, without winning at PVP at all, as the top related killmail shows. It also means that you are in a game that is designed to encourage PVP but actually subtly relies on PVE.
Someone said something about using the TCU mechanic of nullsec in sov warfare, and I think it's a brilliant one. A handful of areas in space where players are forced to fight or defend, to take another area on a timer that players are forced to fight over or defend.

That's what I'd expect from Faction Warfare, but I'm in Fweddit and we only fly t1 thrashers.

Fucking Fweddit Pubbies. 

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