Friday, 5 October 2012

Blog Warfare

Why do players think that acting like a prepubescent teenage drama queens and blogging as such will get her the attention she craves for slowly dying alone in a mothball infested house with cats and despair?

Jokes aside, reading blog posts pertaining to anything about the Minmatar Militia seems to come across with the usual EVE nonchalance of "I didn't want that pile of isk anyway" and while I do happen to follow many blogs to keep up with the war zone it does seem like the meta game has devolved to a giant attention grab across the board, and as much as I'd love to say that it's part of a greater plan, it's probably not.

With the onslaught of well thought out, well written posts from both The Mittani as well as Pinky Feldman's and Poetic Stanziel's blogs, it's apparent that the whole Faction War system is in dire need of the changes announced for winter. While this is public knowledge, it also shows the stark contrast between a well written blog and the discourse that opens up as a result, and the attention grabbing tears of "Didn't want that shiny, anyway" 

While this isn't going to be a post about the changes in FW, the system changes or how much intra-alliance wardecs are retarded (you can contact Xolve for more info) it is a blog post about how being childish and immature in a game where the smallest modicum of seriousness and decorum can actually get you far closer to your goal of being taken with more seriousness than the average 12 year old child. 

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