Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Impact of One Man

With the events of the last 24 hours spreading like wildfire through the news, it suddenly becomes very clear that despite the potential for negative influence and gameplay, the menace of pirates and nullsec alliances' spy networks and similar such gaming and even meta-gaming, the EVE Online community is a very close knit one. highlights just how many lives one man can influence in this game and how much of a positive (or negative) impact just one person can have on a community of gamers intent on playing with our pixel-space ships and imaginary money.

Today a man who shaped a game that has been a big part of my life for nearly three years now has passed and he will be missed by the community as well as those close to him. I have not had much contact with Vile Rat in game or otherwise and it saddens me, but he leaves behind an alliance, as well as a game and a virtual universe that has been shaped and moulded by his hands and influence. It saddens me deeply that he will not be able to continue shaping and influencing the game.

With this passing came a few thoughts today, as well as throwing something that I've dealt with recently into sharp relief. This is the issue that I spend far too much time playing what is for all intents and purposes a video game. Today I realised that while this is a video game, EVE Online to it's players, creators and curators, is much more than just a game. It seems that the game universe as well as the player base have evolved into somewhat of an actual parallel universe, where one man can influence many just, and every action can have many ramifications through out the huge player base.

The other points I wanted to touch on without sounding like a rambling patient in a mental hospital (Or Susan Black's blog) was the aspect of morality that's been around and intrinsic to the market and life model that is EVE. With a player base so dynamic, it makes it very easy to impact peoples lives. Fweddit has done it in several different areas of the game and will continue to do so, for better or worse, and it's important to remember the impact we can have as one person in this dynamic Universe.


In honor of Vile Rat, Fweddit have done a 21 Gun Salute with Coercers (in true Fweddit style)

Original Link

and the tribute in Nullsec (map was set to Cynosural Fields)

Rest in Peace Vile Rat

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