Thursday, 6 September 2012

It's Moving Day

As you may or may not know, or even care, Fweddit has had a stint in Comedy Central's Militia, also known as the Caldari which are the product of America and Japan if we went into space and started jamming missile launchers on everything. Also if the Japanese disregarded the whole honor system in favor of higher ECM capability but more on that later.

Caldari space was a good time for us as a corp, the never ending LP fountain was fun all round, as well as having a HUGE pile of Caldari Navy Antimatter S which I have rolled around in endlessly. Looking back I should probably sell some of that.

Sadly the isk fountain came at a cost, and that cost was the formidible force of the Gallente Militia. As a group their battle doctrine consisted of Everything-Expensive+Logi which surprisingly is a direct hard counter to Fweddit's Thrasher fleet, which resulted in No Fun Allowed, a general lack of PVP and stagnation within the corp. Xolve left us to go to Goonswarm on his Pilgrimage to the holy land and Bob got a Tengu alt.

As it stands now, Fweddit is moving, possibly back to the Amarr Minmatar warzone but this is obviously a facade as we are packing into Jump Freighters to move to Cobalt Rise because thanks to all of our cash out isk we have a supercap fleet to rival Pandemic Legions. I will now be needing an anchoring alt to anchor the POS on my new Technetium moon, so mail Bob FromMarketing with some offers. Much Appreciated

Hopefully this does mean more combat and less Isk hoarding faggotry, but that's what we said when we came here, and Tech Moons are a far easier way to whore isk, you don't even need to orbit anything!

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