Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The State of Faction War, post Patch.

So I'm going to deviate from my usual rant about all of the stuff we did and give a general commentary about Faction Warfare post August 8th's patch, and be as unbiased as humanly possible without actually having to self administer a lobotomy.

I'm just kidding, CCP's beautiful little launcher decided to prison rape my EVE Online funtimes and reduce me to a jittering mess, or maybe that's just the meth, I don't know.

I suppose the anxiety of wanting to see my brand new, shiny Dramiel in my hangar would be too much to ask and I currently sit blueballing myself while redownloading another 6GB of client data, and so I turn to my blog with the hopes of turning my four views (thanks Mom, you know I love you for clicking that link two times) into a possible five, or six if that HP on Tottenham Court Road hasn't been reimaged or whatever it is they do to computers these days. I'm not too irritated about the whole patch thing because I can just download client again on my unlimited internet that is [redacted and edited] not slow or limited or shitty in anyway all hail the Great and Wondrous Leader.

When I last saw the status of FW, the whole 'Let's call out Hans because meta-game is fun' was running full steam ahead, Minimatar where still claiming superiority after killing two fleets of ours while sitting around and watching as around 30 odd systems where vulnerable, and Susan Black was complaining on her twitter about how we didn't give her any attention or primary her in any way, shape or form.

Things where pretty much unchanged, I did loose a beam-Crusader which was a sad moment for me and I actually had to play with two hands for a few moments trying to get my pod out of the way of danger.

It's quite sad but I haven't really been a huge part of the Fweddit fleets and I feel the need to give a shout to everyone from Master Zeuth through to Pinky F-dawg and Techprime. I've also got my own squad in Fweddit now dedicated to local spamming and general sperglordery so I've got responsibilities now and may as well apply for my first mortgage while I'm at it.

I'm off to watch as this download does nothing and draw pictures of Rifters in tears and blood. 

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