Friday, 3 August 2012

The battle of Eszur

What started out as a standard Fweddit op, complete with our battle comms consisting of My Little Pony references, people screaming over DurrDurrDurr and the fantastic pronounciation of systems such as Labia and Hofafafajajafiajf [unedited for authenticity], we find ourselves on the Hof[redacted] gate with one neutral Tempest aggressing one of our fast tackle which we ignore the FC and jump on as soon as he GCC's.

Fast forward about 3 seconds or the amount of time it takes most of our enemies to rub one out, we had the brunt of the neutral gang consisting of Drakes, Myrmidons and a Griffin which we start shooting blindly out at because of our Elite PVP skills, and our FC running his "double faceroll triple fudge sundae of rage while riding his durrnado steed" we find an additional 19 (their quote, I was trying to simultaneously killmail whore and touch myself and it was far too much to concentrate on) Minmatars flying in, equipped with their elite kitchen sink fleet and began to try and kill us, I say that with some reserve as I did not see many blues fall during this fight.
The remainder is general Fweddit V P with Durr screaming down the mic like T-Pain without Autotune and the rest of us trying to Elite Solo PVP things such as Griffins we managed to kill the majority of their fleet before they warped out, laughing at how the ECM was fantastically used to jam only the primary.

My personal favourite was the portion of the combat that involved a Minmatar pilot telling us how we had them outnumbered and still lost more frigates to their entire gang due to us (from their limited perspective) popping each other on the gate prior to their arrival.

For authenticity I have the war log: (I have no idea who designed that abomination of a killboard, but I do want to drop LSD with said gentleman)


We were outnumbered.

Yes, we did win

Yes, will win this war



  1. "double faceroll triple fudge sundae of rage while riding his durrnado steed"

    Oh my god. So descriptive. So accurate. So full of win.

  2. Might want to tell Susan that we were actually outnumbered, since she says the Amarr ALWAYS outnumber the Minnies :P

    Wait, she won't believe it...