Thursday, 16 August 2012

One hit Fweddit moves to Cobalt Reach

After fighting against a wall of LP, then against a wall of SFI's and Elite PVP Minimatar we have decided to leave Amarr faction warfare. The entire corp is moving on account of two of our supercapital ships wanting to get more use and the general thinking that we would make the most amazing demoralising local shitting while fielding the most amazing tackle fleet available. I have proposed we use our Elite PVP skills to form a mercenary corp dedicated purely to fast tackle and small bait, while providing killboard padding for IRC (which doesn't stand for Internet Relay Chat, much to my dismay)

It's quite frustrating after cashing out all of my LP that I have to move my 3 Navy Slicer blueprints but it's difficult being spacerich I suppose and this is my burden to carry. I've never been to nullsec but from the EVE commercials everyone mines solo and a rifter seems to be able to take on three frigates and then be promoted to Director of the corp, so not all is lost.

Things are looking up

I have no idea what is going to happen to our Poetic Stanziel namelinking doctrine which is amazingly sad, I shall miss our Amarr Civil War with FPR0T and the badness that is them, especially Lily Kado because holy shit do you hemmorage Hawks.

I haven't really cleared this with diplo so I might get ragekicked and blocked from Mumble but it's called investigative journalism for a reason, is it not?

I leave you now with the dulcet tones of Fenrir Vice talking one of us through removing CISPA charges and 0.01 isking a bunch of Mining Barges so I can mine solo.

I hope I find another Susan Black, I think she had a crush on me. She tweeted me once.

Bob 'Now Joining the #YOLOCOLO' FromMarketing


  1. Moving to the ass-end of null? That sounds downright silly.

    Have fun. I assume there is an NPC station out there somewhere, so you don't have to fly 30 jumps every time you want a fight.

    1. There damn well better be, Nullsec Station Games best Station Games