Thursday, 2 August 2012


Half of me wants to just crosspost my local channel rants as the mainstay of this blog, but I think that is more of an acquired taste and, much like my jokes about female rights or racism taught me, there is a time and a place for everything and this is neither.

Right now I'm running this blog by council, much like Rome was and they did well till a horse was on the senate and Caesar became a salad (which really confuses me, Italians didn't invent croutons?)  but I'm advised to "get adds up on that bitch and make $0.30 a month" which is around the minimum wage for us in Amarr Militia who don't have Minimatar alts, and to get Google Anal or something and a domain name because I clearly (as aforementioned with my $0.30) can afford all of that. I might have to get a based on the amount of money I could be worth when my Twitter account blows up and I get that record deal, and asked to star in a movie.

I've lost the plot, but here's to a great first post that only had one EVE reference, which is sad but I'm not paid by keyword so that's fine.

Where do I put the hashtags on this thing?

#Tweetfleet #NoRegrets 

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