Friday, 3 August 2012

I wonder if this is how women feel, playing The Sims

I mean, I've changed the layout around 4 times, much to the discontent of my avid fans and readers (Wocks, I'm looking at you, mainly because you're one of my two readers, the other being whoever looks at the HP computer in the Curries on Tottenham Court Road as I've changed the home page there)

Looking at Factional Warfare, things are definitely happening, we still have Kourmonen but like I said Susan Black and Friends did not want that system anyway. The battle for Huola (Operation Forest Picnic) is still underway with the system being heavily D-plexed down from the looks of my Factional Warfare overview thing.

That's about all I can say for that to be quite frank, I was debating using this post to launch my new weekly event of stealing a politics article from the New York Times or something and changing the names to Amarr and Minimatar (thanks Zeric, I have to thank you because you posted on twitter and I'd look like a dick)

I'd appreciate some feedback on the layout theme thing, and also if CCP would be so kind as to not sue me for using this wallpaper, it's very colorful and when I drop LSD it looks like I'm flying through space which is how I imagine it feels flying around in a pod, except that everyone is trying to primary you for the +1 implant kill that they can get. I'm going to go and read about the minutes from the CSM thing and wonder if Hans "Warp to 10 and Pres Butan" Jagermeister will have made any decent propositions to our lovely enclave that is Faction Warfare


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