Friday, 3 August 2012

Hun Reloaded

Are joining the Amarr Militia

to quote my grammatically challenged brother

"As said, we are join to help our true amarian borselves and having fun during summer.
We join to Amarr side."

What does this mean for the Militia? possibly more butthurt meta gaming, more Risk-Averse PVP and less systems.

This will be enjoyable 

I like to draw parallels between the Minmatar and a rough excerpt from the book Alexander by Tom Holt, it basically says that with Kings, and overlords and even the Minmatar, you'll have a group who are amazing at rallying troops, taking cities raping and pillaging and forging a stone cold steel fist empire (sounds sexual, I know) and the son or offspring or in this case new pubbies who spawn from the initial onslaught come into the lap of luxury and as a result will falter and lack the power and know how to defend their new empire. 

Basically, Minmatar now need to learn to PVP in actual fleets that don't scatter like hookers at a streetlight and actually harden up.

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  1. I think we're starting to see people realize that serious money can be made in faction warfare on top of the smaller-scale PvP opportunities it provides. Nulli and Hun Reloaded will likely be the first in a line of nullsec alliances branching out into our little warzone.

    It's very exciting and it means our community is going to have life for quite some time.