Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fweddit does Titan Bridging

I log on after a evening of merryment to find out that we had formed a fleet and were bumping an oversized Brutix somewhere. I decided to hop onto Mumble and join in the fun.

I log in to the soothing sounds of Master Zeuth talking about being in a spit roast of a Sleipnir and a Sacriledge, and talking about moving closer to one or the other of those ships we hear Zeuth shout what either could be "I've got a point, Bridge bridge bridge" OR "I don't have a short point I DO NOT HAVE A WEB DO NOT DO ANYTHING" but they are confusing and easy to get mixed up so it's forgiveable, if we were all 12.

And deaf

So we jump. And we jump hard.

[I'm interjecting to note that I just arrived to a fleet combat situation and somehow am in a pod]

So we land to find a sleipnir that is MWDing at 2km/s and laughing at us in local for titan bridging a huge gang to fail miserably.

fortunately not all was lost because we did get a nice Osprey kill

so not everything ended badly.

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