Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fweddit and Comedy Central

As you can see by the amazing logo (did you notice Central is written backwards AND upside down? Graphic Designers, what will they think of next) Fweddit have joined our new brothers the Caldari.

On the whole, it looks promising, we went on a roam and instapopped a thrasher and ran into some resistance in the form of a Tech 3 gang with logistics, the exact hard counter to our Thrasher fleet.
Gallente - Caldari space is entirely different, not having the Hof[redacted] pipe and the hourglass meaning we fight in the same systems (our HQ) day in and day out, and see the same forms of PVP day in and day out (risk averse double boosted kiting ships with more Snakes then Sam LJ can shake a sidearm at)
It should be fun not having to fight the same 20 people day in day out, and have a varied pallete of blood to spatter (ours) and new tactics to explore.

We also have a decent number of pirates around who where hostile for the 12 minutes it took me to pay them to set me blue so I can AFK LP all day long, which adds to the desirability of the move and our new space.

It'll be fun to see the Caldari Militia reaction to my Local Diplomacy, as I have already noticed some ol' 7th Fleet guys in the channel. I was kindly informed with in 2 minutes that blocks work in Militia so that's a personal best that I just beat.

Things are looking good

It's a pity there's no Lost Obsession to trash Capital ships around us here. Yet.

Bob 'Comedy Central' FromMarketing

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