Monday, 20 August 2012

Fweddit and Comedy Central Part II

First off, I'm so angry about whoever took Uuna. Seriously. Dick.

Secondly, it's apparently a thing to attack your own Militia in Comedy Central space, and our dear friend Xavin found himself popped and subsequently having his pod ransomed by Cadica Do'Urden, while he does sound like Tyler Durden he is niether psychotic nor cool, and probably just jerks it to anime porn on someone's basement because that's how you get to be Elite PVP

Cadica Do'Urden > rwant your pod?
Cadica Do'Urden > you have little time to decide to give me isk
Xavin Nichols > lol

we later decided to try and Honor 1v1 the guy with an Atron and a Rupture against his Enyo but he screamed about MIEN HONOR and wouldn't let us blob him. Militia got involved subsequently and then this happened

Apologies for it being quoted but I had sperged local so much I couldn't find the original messages. The entire tirade up there now makes perfect sense because Comedy Central Militia shoot blues every day!
We then began the usual Fweddit nerdganda of linking names and such and our dear friend Vexorusion
who had been a mainstay in Comedy Militia for three years leave. I must say it took us far less time to make friends here but it's fun being popular despite the amount of work we have to do to achieve this, but it is worth it.

Till next time

* we really need a Looney Tunes style theme tune *

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