Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bob Learns to Scissor.

So I haven't written an article in a while. While this does help my social life and enable me to inject myself into society like a functioning being, it doesn't do much for my blog reader ship. Much like making isk, getting readers takes effort and when you blow either up, it's a bit annoying and takes more effort to make more, so I'm better off keeping what I have [hello Mom, I'm cleaning my room while I'm writing this. Promise]

Militia wise, things have happened. Many things have happened fast.

Amarr got tier 4 and cashed out like the blueballing space LP Jews that we are, it was fun and I now have more blueprints than I can shake a stick at, while being able to gloat at the Minimatar militia that from the looks of things have taken to killing each other for stealing LP despite the vastness of space now available to them.

In more interesting news, Fweddit defended Kourmonen and the system is stable. I did my part by linking and spamming up local as per the new Poetic Stanziel doctrine that I have linked below

Fweddit's new Local Spam Brawling Doctrine

on the more personal side I have taken care of that rash and it wasn't as bad as I thought which is GREAT. I also lost some snakes and generally died in a fire, I've come to the conclusion that I need to learn to solo PVP better and as the old adage of breaking eggs to keep enemies close or something, I have hemmoraged a bunch of faction frigates that where not able to do nearly as well as I'd hoped, and finding out that I get better kills with a simple Navy Slicer. Times are tough but I'm the first to admit that I'm better at PVP than Susan Black and her Minmatards

It's only a small amount of time till I'm able to Minimatar and upship until the enemy can not physically take me on.

In other news, the character NotBob FromMarketing in the Minimatar has no affiliation with me whatsoever and anyone pretending otherwise is DELUDED and should seek help as soon as possible [or at least after shooting and possibly killing me in one of my expensive ships]

The title was a reference to Sehanine teaching me to fly my Daredevil, prior to us being unable to break an Incursis tank with an SFI and a HonorBird.

This concludes this instalment of EVE by Bob, proceeds shall go to me buying Plesks for more expensive faction ships.


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  2. Shouldn't all your posts have the format:

    Hi. [Sentence here].

    [Another sentence here].

    This is what I'm used to when you're in local. :)