Saturday, 11 August 2012

Amarr is happening

I've come to the conclusion that Eve Universe (now known on iOS devices as Neocom, check it out, it's amazing) doesn't handle war decs to well. It keeps telling my alliance has wardec'd me.

Of course they hadn't wardec'd me, at all. In fact they wardec'd a corporation known as FPROT which stands for The Forsworn Protectorate, which are (in my limited undersanding) a group of RP eve players who pretend their characters are real, and then shoot anything they can without the faintest grasp of reality or logic, and if this wasn't enough, they suck at PVP.

I mean, Bob FromMarketing is calling them bad at PVP, they are that bad. Here is the Fweddit press release, where X Love has surmised his level headed decision to wardec a corp.

Did I mention they are in the militia? cause that's a thing. It also means my overview is FUCKING RETARDED because I have to have the militia butan checked to see them, and the overview refuses to organise itself in any logical order and would rather result in me killing Militia Vagabonds, because that happened too.

I won't spend much time writing about the militia war because it feels like the Minmatar have reclined into their limp dick resolve and rather than plexing systems like Kourmonen and Hof[redacted] for fights we have decided to engage fleets such as the 50 man rupture Evoke (or something, I was drunk) fleet in our own system.

This is quite sad, I've got no Susan Black comments, and nothing funny to write. I shall leave you with my epic Elite PVP Killmail

Bob 'I didn't want those Slaves anyway' FromMarketing

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